Upgrade going ahead, despite lack of funding

  • Apr. 22, 2013 1:00 p.m.

Queen Charlotte has been turned down for a grant to improve its emergency preparedness. Council had submitted an application to Western Economic Diversification Canada to purchase a generator to run the office in a power outage and move the qcislands internet server to improve internet access during an emergency, but learned at its meeting week that the village had not received the funding. Council will be going ahead with upgrades in any case though. “Fortunately the Gwaii Trust has come through so we have half of the funding,” said mayor Carol Kulesha, “and we had said we would take the rest from reserves.” “It’s sad because we haven’t received anything for tsunami relief,” said Ms Kulesha, “and the JEPP (Joint Emergency Preparedness Program) isn’t around anymore.” “Not even a lifejacket,” agreed councillor Greg Martin. Mayor Kulesha said she has not given up and is going to keep trying to make contacts for funding.