Valentino Cabaret report

  • Feb. 18, 2013 8:00 a.m.

submitted by Shirley Kricheldorf–Saturday Feb. 9 night saw a sold out performance of the 12th annual?Valentino’s Cabaret. It has grown from a small event that originally? attracted only 30-40 spectators to 200 (and many more who would have?loved to come but who the hall couldn’t hold). The community hall was ?spectacularly transformed into a Moulin Rouge cabaret and performing ?theatre. The efforts of the volunteers were on full display. The? Cabaret is held in support of Tidal Elements Whole School, a program?that offers enhanced after-school and other educational opportunities.? Its current activity is the French for Fun program and the kids are?fundraising for an exchange trip to New Brunswick. The evening was?full of great entertainment – singing, dancing, guitars, violins,? keyboards, even a musical saw. There was also a surprise visit by? Christy Clark and Stephen Harper! It was a night of laughter and,?unfortunately, some tears, as one performer’s provocative poetry? stirred high emotions. On a positive note, it was good to see evidence ?of responsible drivers in the parking lot of the hall in the morning ?as several vehicles were left behind to be picked up later.? Congratulations to the organizers and performers for such a successful ?evening.