Wall proposed to shield tourists from industrial site

  • Sep. 25, 2009 10:00 a.m.

The village of Queen Charlotte wants to build a wall around the trucking yard at Skidegate Landing so that tourists coming off the ferry are greeted by something other than old trucks, loads of freight, and general mess. In a letter asking for the support of other communities for a Gwaii Trust application, mayor Carol Kulesha says the village has heard many complaints from visitors and residents about the unsightly debris around the ferry landing, which can leave the impression that the community is “unkempt”. Queen Charlotte is proposing to build a rock and wood wall with “decorative vegetation” to shield the freight company yard from view, and is applying to the Gwaii Trust for $20,000 towards the cost. According to Ms Kulesha’s letter, the village has already received permission from the Ministry of Transportation to use the road right of way and will cooperate with the freight company so that the wall doesn’t impede truck traffic. Masset council members gave ready support to the proposal when they considered it Monday night (Sept. 15). “Nothing could be worse than what’s there now,” said councillor Andrew Merilees, as council voted unanimously to write a letter of support for Queen Charlotte.