Watch out for phone scam

  • Mar. 11, 2003 5:00 a.m.

Islanders may be the targets of a phone scam.
John Williams of Skidegate received a suspicious phone call last week from a man claiming to represent Mothers against Drunk Driving and asking for $37.50. When Mr. Williams asked the man for a copy of the charity letterhead and a street address, the man refused to provide either. He said it cost too much money to send out letterhead to people who request it. At that point, Mr. Williams says he said good-bye and hung up. Then he notified the police as well as the Observer.
Cpl Sheila White of the Queen Charlotte detachment says she knows of no phone scams in the area, but she appreciates hearing about these things when they occur. She says that when a recognized group plans to solicit in an area, they generally notify the RCMP first. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has not told the police they plan to solicit on the islands at this time.
People can take steps to protect themselves from phone fraud, says Cpl White. First ask the caller for a copy of the charity’s letterhead and a phone number where they can be reached. If the caller refuses, then the call is suspicious. People should also be suspicious of anyone who asks for a specific amount of money or credit card numbers.
Police like to be notified about suspicious calls, says Cpl White, so if you get a phone call similar to the one Mr. Williams received, please let the police detachment in Masset or Queen Charlotte know.