Watch out for spring bears

  • Mar. 31, 2003 6:00 p.m.

One or two bears have been spotted in Queen Charlotte, and conservation officer James Hilgemann is asking residents to be extra careful with their garbage.
Mr. Hilgemann said his office has received many bear reports in the past couple of weeks, especially in the area from the hospital to behind the Hecate Inn. He has not received reports of bears in any other community on the islands.
If a bear gets into your garbage, clean it up right away, and take precautions in the future, Mr. Hilgemann said: don’t put garbage out until pick-up time, keep it in the freezer, or double-bag it.
If the problem persists or if a bear is threatening a person or property, call 1-800-663-WILD.
Mr. Hilgemann also reminds islanders that they need new angling and hunting licences as of April 1.