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Water meter project moving ahead

A handful of Queen Charlotte residents and businesses will soon be the first to get water meters, as the management committee is preparing a pilot project.
The community plans metres for all users, but wants to gain some experience before going ahead and outfitting everyone. The pilot project, involving fifty water users, will use different types of meters and different installation types to give an idea of which will be best.
The committee now has a list of seventy users, but has not yet decided which fifty will get the first meters.
They are expected to be ordered next week and installed by the end of the month, according to Victor LaBoucane, sewer and water maintenance supervisor. Just over 400 meters will be required when all water users are connected, probably late this year. Each meter is worth between $117 and $234, depending on which type is chosen, Mr. LaBoucane said. Two-thirds of the cost of the project will be paid for by the provincial and federal governments, with the remaining third by water users.
The management committee will also soon be sending a pamphlet about metering to all residents as well as having information available in the village office.

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