Water short in Charlotte

  • Aug. 4, 2004 12:00 p.m.

A leaky waterline, combined with unusually dry weather, has created a water shortage situation in Queen Charlotte.
Deborah Uliana, office manager at the Management Committee, would like to thank everyone in the region for complying with the restrictions. “People have been doing well,” she said, reminding everyone that the current restrictions are:
Car Washing: limited and with a controlled nozzle only
Driveways and walkways: no washing – sweep with a broom
Lawn and Garden – No more than three days a week between 8 and 11pm
Flowers and Shrubs – No more than three days a week, hand sprinkling only or with a controlled nozzle.
These restrictions are normal for this time of year, said Ms. Uliana, but if the drought continues, there is a possibility of going to emergency measures, where residents will be allowed to use water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene only.