Weather getting drier

  • Aug. 4, 2004 12:00 p.m.

July was a sizzler, a dry sizzler this year, compared to recent years, as were both May and June.
“There’s a trend that it’s getting warmer,” said Tlell weather watcher John Davis. “It’s just a short period, but it’s noticeable. And this year is drier.”
This July the islands had only 45 mm of rain compared to 71.6 mm in 2000, 80 mm in 2001, 65.6 mm in 2002 and 64 mm in 2003, said Mr. Davis.
And the weather has been hotter as well, he said. The average temperature in July was 16.25 Celsius with an average of 11.1 Celsius in 2000, 10.6 Celsius in 2001, 14.3 Celsius in 2002 and 15 Celsius in 2003. The highest temperature for this July was 25.5 Celsius and the low was 9 Celsius.