We’re knitting an afghan for Afghanistan

  • Mar. 13, 2007 7:00 p.m.

We’re knitting an afghan for Afghanistan
submitted by Evelyn von Almassy-The buzz is already beginning about “An Afghan for Afghanistan”! We want to let you know about our proposed project. A few people have come together in this fledging group, and we invite anyone interested to join us. We need squares! On May 4, we are going to have a knit-a-thon. A local business, On the Rock, is giving us space to have women/men/kids sit in their big storefront window, and knit squares for an Afghan for Afghanistan. From 10 am – 8 pm there will always be someone knitting in the window; and from 8 pm – 10 pm the action will move to Sips Martini Bar, right next door.
We are doing this to raise money for education in Afghanistan. We are so privileged in this country, and we feel that we need to do something to help those not as wealthy or safe as we are.
You can help us in a number of ways. You could buy some balls of wool (Charlisles will be ordering some) or see what you have in your cupboards, and donate them; you could knit an 8″ square (pure wool rather than synthetic) for the afghan; you could sponsor a knitter; you could help us knit in the window and the bar, you could donate money for our goal. We also hope to bring in some Afghanistan merchandise and 2008 calendars.
We will be setting up an account at the credit union, called “Education for Afghanistan” this week. You could donate directly to them, or to Linda Grant, who will be our treasurer, or send your donations or squares of wool to “Education for Afghanistan”, c/o box 921, Queen Charlotte.
We are already receiving promises of financial support; one of our local physicians is in Ecuador and was very excited when he heard about this project via e-mail. There are already people who are willing to knit for the afghan, but we need more.
When the afghan is completed, we will raffle it off, and plan to raise more money that way as well.
We may have a Middle Eastern dinner and movie in the future, and welcome any ideas for further fundraising. We do not have to stop with the first $750, but would love to be able to support more than one teacher, or support a teacher for a few years.
This fundraising is for Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, who will send our monies directly to Afghanistan. We all support everyone being a part of this, and the funds go to educate both girls and boys in that country.
Check out the website: www.w4wafghan.ca