What the deuce?

  • May. 22, 2013 4:00 p.m.

by Eric O’Higgins–Controversy has spread a discreet blanket of secrecy over the Yakoun River Inn in Port Clements. This is high-level stuff because it deals with the $2 bills signed over the years and stapled to the ceiling beams in the pub. The staff, perhaps tired of the controversy are being discreet, the patrons will give you their opinions at the drop of a beer coaster. “I liked it the way it was, ” said Larry Brealey, “they had been signed by old friends dead now and gone. It’s not the same.” The patrons, it should be noted, are still meeting in the pub and all that are really missing are the ancestral homes of the senior citizen spiders and dust mites that hid behind the decor. Sympathy for the long-time patrons is somewhat tempered because you’ve lost the feeling that you should keep your hat on to prevent an ancient spider from losing its grip and falling down the back of your neck. It may not be a reno, but as a spring cleaning it sure fills the bill — so to speak. The previous decor, frankly, was as out of date as, well, a $2 bill.