Willard Wilson re-elected chief councillor in Skidegate

  • Feb. 17, 2006 5:00 a.m.

Skidegate voters have re-elected Willard Wilson as their chief councillor for another two years.
Mr. Wilson won the Feb. 16 election handily, receiving more than 50-percent of the vote.
Richard Russ and Eddy Russ were re-elected as councillors. They will be joined by James (Bussy) McGuire, Walker Brown and Robert Mills.
Complete results for chief councillor:
o Willard Wilson-281
o Wayne (Chub) Wilson-190
o Rodney Scheck-13
For councillor:
o James (Bussy) McGuire-229
o Walker Brown-226
o Robert (Bopper) Mills-170
o Eddy Russ-170
o Richard Russ-152
o Godfrey (Didi) Williams-150
o Trent Moraes-141
o Colin Richardson-131
o Earl (Ginger) Moody-128
o Gary P. Russ-104
o Ronald (Wow) Williams-87
o Kathleen Pearson-85
o Irene Mills-79
o Russell Gladstone-78
o Theresa (Dolly) Cooper-73
o Roy S. Jones Jr. (Kinkles)-52
o Victoria Moody-29
o Randy Tennant-27