Wind farm open houses went well

  • Oct. 10, 2008 5:00 p.m.

Naikun Wind Development’s open houses in Skidegate and Masset earlier this week went well, according to Lucy Shaw, Naikun’s Director of North Coast Relations.”They went really well.We had great attendance,” Ms Shaw said,” and so, the more feedback we get from the public the better for us. We received some really good feedback because it will help us as we work on the design of the project.” The open houses were held in Masset Wednesday and in Skidegate Thursday, as well as in Prince Rupert and Port Edward days earlier. They featured several Naikun personnel available to answer questions along with information about the project. The feedback from those who attended, along with results of environmental studies, will be included in the company’s application for an environmental assessment certificate, which it plans to submit early next year. Naikun plans to construct a wind farm (between 67 and 100 turbines) southeast of Rose Spit in Hecate Strait, which will provide electricity for the islands as well as 120,000 homes. More information is available at