Wind farm plan continues to move forward

  • Oct. 24, 2003 11:00 a.m.

The Nai Kun wind project is one step closer to becoming a reality.
As many as 300 windmills generating power for 240,000 homes could be erected in Hecate Strait south east of Rose Spit if the project goes ahead.
Nai Kun Wind Development Inc. said last week that a transmission feasibility study produced by BC Transmission Corporations indicates the transmission grid can accommodate power from the project.
“The transmission study confirms that the BC Hydro transmission grid has the capacity to support the Nai Kun project,” said Michael C. Burns, President of Nai Kun Wind Development Inc., “the study indicates that the 700 megawatts of utility-scale green power can connect to the grid with only some very minor adjustment to the grid infrastructure.”
No new transmission lines or transformers will be needed within the existing network. Further studies need to be done to decide the best way to connect the Nai Kun project and the power grid, according to the company.
“Utility scale wind power such as Nai Kun, will allow BC Hydro to maximize dams and other generation resources by matching the winter low water conditions with winter high winds thus delivering consistently high energy capacity to BC consumers without the need for additional generation infrastructure,” explained Mr. Burns.
The company hopes to begin construction in 2005. The project is currently operating with an Exploration and Investigation permit from the province, while raising money and undergoing environmental review.