Wind farm representatives visit the islands

  • May. 23, 2003 2:00 p.m.

Representatives from Nai Kun Wind Development Inc. – the company which wants to build a huge wind farm in Hecate Strait – were on the islands this week to update local governments on the project.
Michael Altman and Erin Airton met with the Old Massett Village Council, the Queen Charlotte management committee, the Port Clements and Masset councils and the BC Parks office in Tlell.
The company has recently received permission from BC Lands and Water to investigate the sea bed in a section of Hecate Strait – work which Mr. Altman said will proceed this fall. They’ll also be installing a test wind mast in the strait around the same time.
Right now, they are studying bird populations in the area to see if any endangered species are found where they’re planning to put the wind mills, and collect baseline data.
The Council of the Haida Nation is opposed to the wind farm project and has stated that it considers the sea bed in Hecate Strait part of its territory.
However, Mr. Altman said the company is not particularly concerned about the CHN’s claim, because Nai Kun only wants to use the area temporarily.
“It’s not a concern to us, because we’re not seeking to own,” he said. “This is a temporary occupation by us… we’ll rent from the Haida, we’ll rent from the Tsimshian, we’ll rent from the federal government, we’ll rent from the provincial government.”