Wood design course may be offered

  • Mar. 20, 2006 2:00 p.m.

Submitted by Roly Thompson–SMFRA funding is being sought to facilitate a course involving wood product design and development. Together with Peter Galonski, head of the former Wood Products Design program at the Kootenay College of Design in Nelson, Roly Thompson is seeking expressions of interest from islanders.
It’s proposed that Mr. Galonski will do a series of weekend seminars. Between them, Mr. Thompson will lead evening classes using woodworking shop facilities at G. M. Dawson and Queen Charlotte high schools.
Mr. Thompson was the Industrial Design Studio Technician at the University of Alberta for 9 years.
The course involves about 700 hours of class time over 2 years, beginning in September and ending in April 2008 when participants will present their finished products at an international trade show. This is not an academic course, but a practical, hands-on route to local economic development.
Mr. Thompson is looking for self-motivated people, interested in exploring economic alternatives. The course will involve discussion about product design and development including target markets, product costing, sales techniques, manufacturing processes, product branding etc., all specific to the products designed during the course, and all aimed towards their success on the market.
Mr. Thompson is looking for expressions of interest from a minimum of 10 individuals in order to further his proposal to SMFRA. Tuition is proposed to be approx. $1,100 per year, and will take advantage of funding provided by SMFRA in co-operation with Community Futures, Northwest Community College and School District #50.
Interested? Email Roly Thompson at roly@rolythompson.ca, or phone 557-4713 before Wednesday, March 29.