Youth centre construction starts soon

  • Jul. 23, 2010 10:00 a.m.

Construction on the new youth centre in Skidegate should start soon, with the band council voting earlier this week to appoint a project manager, says deputy chief councillor Robert Williams. Skidegate has assembled $750,000 in funding for the youth centre, and held a groundbreaking ceremony for the building in February. It’s to be built near the George Brown recreation centre, overlooking the inlet. Mr. Williams said the project was delayed slightly by the band council election in March, and the subsequent turnover on council, but that Skidegate is fully committed to the youth centre. Mr. Williams, who holds the youth portfolio on council, said the band council met with Skidegate’s youth council just a few days ago to discuss details of what the interior of the building will look like. “They had expressed concern about the complexity of the building,” he said. The original plan called for several small spaces, such as a music room, as well as a general space, but the youth would like to see more open space, he said. The funding for the building will cover the first year of operating expenses, Mr. Williams said, but after that the youth council will be running it. They are working on a plan for that, he said.Article copyright Haida Gwaii Observer