Youth soccer league president resigns

  • May. 8, 2013 6:00 a.m.

The Haida Gwaii Youth Soccer League’s president Alan Lore has resigned mid- season. Mr. Lore was not available for comment and Shelley Sansome, long-time league executive member could not comment on the reason for Mr. Lore’s resignation. While Ms Sansome denied rumours of social media bullying, she did acknowledge that there were negative comments posted on the league’s Facebook page, resulting in the page being closed to commenters. Port Clements coach Jessie Fletcher said she heard about the complaints but did not agree with them. “Alan was doing a great job, it was his first year, people should have given him a break,” she said. “People aren’t realizing that soccer is not about coaches and parents,” she said, “it’s about the kids. I think we need to wake up and realize how we are presenting ourselves because the children see and learn from that. Why not give a good example?” As well as restricting comments on Facebook, the league has posted a code of conduct for players, coaches and parents, said Ms Sansome. “If anyone has any questions or concerns, they are to take their concerns to their coaches or their community reps who will share it with the rest of the executive.” The league executive has not decided if the position of president needs to be filled, or if it can wait until the next annual general meeting in February, said Ms Sansome, but the season will continue as usual with games until June with only a few amendments to the schedule. “For the most part we are enjoying another great soccer year,” she said, “the weather has been wonderful, we’ve had a lot of new people come forward to volunteer this year, which we’re incredibly thankful for. There’s a lot that goes into providing the league opportunities for more than 300 players, so I can’t say how grateful I am to all of the volunteers we do have.”