Yummy Mummies run wild!

  • Jun. 15, 2005 8:00 p.m.

Submitted article by the Yummy Mummies–The Yummy Mummies Running Team recently entered the Skeena River Relay. With 10 runners on the team, we ran from the Civic Centre in Prince Rupert to Canadian Tire in Terrace – 142.5 km. The running stages varied from 10.2 km to 21.2 km. There were 24 teams competing and we were 1 of the 3 all women’s teams. The Yummy Mummies started training 1 year ago with each runner training for a specific stage.
Two days prior to leaving we had 1 runner out, and another needing to run less distance. The next day I had a conversation something like this:
“Regina, do you still run?” “Yes, usually about 6 km” “Have you ever run 10 km?” “Yes, but not for awhile” “Have you ever run 13km?” “No” “We are looking for a runnerÂ…”
Regina arranged her schedule (life) and was committed to go in about 1 hour. Whew! We were back to 10 runners. Friday morning we were adjusting to our new stages and thanking Harmonie for dragging us up Rennie Main, an 8 km up hill battle three weeks prior. We all knew nothing was going to be more difficult than that!
Friday afternoon, 45 min. prior to the roster submission deadline, one runner down due to illness! Fortunately, the owner of the ‘Pioneer Hostel’ volunteered to rescue us. It was back to the drawing board for adjusting the stages so we could all be challenged, yet still try to get a qualifying time. Feeling satisfied with our roster, it was submitted with 10 min. to spare.
Sat. June 4th, 5 am, alarms started ringing, Mummies started groaning and coffee was dripping. We ate breakfast, packed our gear and tried to drop any “extra weight” before we headed to the start line. As Christy started out, we cheered from the roadside and then hopped into the cars and leap frogged along the highway, to crank the tunes, dance and cheer.
By stage 5 we were still full of energy and getting sillier by the km. Almost every other team was long gone! We were battling time with one other team until stage 6 when our Yummy Mummy Harmonie caught up, passed and left a runner in her dust.
On stage 8, Yummy Mummy “Regina” tried to outrun the wildlife but the bear crossed the highway just ahead of her, with all the singing and dancing it was not likely the bear was going to stick around. We were graced with the presence of an RCMP escort (cardboard cutout) for the very hilly stage 9 as this particular runner was overheard saying “I’ll run any hill for a man in uniform”.
Being alone along the highway did not dampen our enthusiasm. I feel it encouraged some to show their true potential for team spirit. I was able to see a new side (or bottom) of each of my teammates at one particular stage of the run.
There was a wristband with a whistle to pass from runner to runner at the transitions. As I trudged up the hill I gripped that whistle and felt the team spirit of each of my teammates who ran before me. As I was running and getting sentimental with the whistle time was passing and I was paying attention to my stopwatch rather than the time of day. When I saw the 1 mile sign I checked the time. I had 10 min to get to the finish line!
I was about to cry, I wasn’t going to cross the finish line in time! I realized I couldn’t cry and run at the same time so I took focus and picked up the pace. In 5 min 2 team members came yelling “you have 5 min to get to the finish line – you can do it! Pick up your pace!” We crossed the finish line as a team with 1 minute to spare!! The most appropriate finish for our dramatic team, “Yummy Mummies”
We arrived late at the awards ceremony but were just in time for the entertainment. Our Harmonica playing Mummy joined the band and her personal dancers tore up the dance floor.
The Yummy Mummies running team would like to thank our families for their support, and Gwaii Trust for the financial assistance.
Written by Team Captain, edited by Yummy Mummies