GTN Update: High school is easier, with fewer silly rules

“One of the best parts of GTN are the COAST days…”

By Jesse Seifert

This is it everyone, the last column I will be writing, a reflection of my year in Grade 8. I know you’re all excited, so I’ll jump right in and start.

Everyone talks about high school being a drastic change and how it’s so difficult. The truth: it’s not. The transition is just the same as going from Grade 6 to Grade 7, except you’re in a different environment and have more freedoms and a little homework. All the teachers build up the transition as such a big thing, but it’s not a big deal.

If anything, high school is actually easier because there aren’t so many silly rules (silly in my opinion). It’s really nice to have more than one teacher because they all have their different ways of teaching, which offers some variety instead of the same thing all the time.

One of the best parts of GTN are the COAST days, and Grade 7 students have already participated in a few which gets them used to the type of environment at our school, and builds relationships with the older students. There have also been some school-wide fun afternoons that give students a break amid their work. The atmosphere here at the high school is really great; everything is always fun and relaxed.

There are many amazing opportunities at Gudangaay Tlaats’gaa Naay, and I advise every Grade 7 student coming here, and students here already, to take as many of these opportunities as they can. Sports teams are lots of fun to be a part of — you get to go off island and compete with your teammates. Sport trips are also really good team-building exercises and can create friendships you never thought you have. Other off-island trips include the ski trip and Travel Club, which are also awesome chances for students to do things not all schools offer. The amount of different things this school can do for students is amazing.

All the teachers at GTN are willing and able to help students take their learning in different directions so they can pursue their interests. Our Special Projects class is all about taking our learning into our own hands and doing something that interests us. This type of learning is being promoted across the province and is the future of education. The fact that project-based learning is being used in our school shows that GTN is growing and improving as a school.

I had an awesome year and will actually be okay with going back after summer break. With no Special Projects class, I will stop writing the column — it has really expanded my knowledge of the writing world. I now am better at writing because I have taken this opportunity to share opinions and talk about my school.

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