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Masset Magic: A kind act, a big day, and basketball fever

By Jana McLeod
Kirk Thorgeirson donating his money-tree winnings back to the Old Massett ladies’ team. (Jana McLeod/Haida Gwaii Observer)

By Jana McLeod

It’s still basketball fever time on Haida Gwaii. With the upcoming tournament in Prince Rupert the race is on for getting in shape and finding ways to raise money.

I was in Prince Rupert for the All Nate twice, once in 1992 and another time in 1996, but I was busy having babies both times. Full circle now and my son who was that 1992 baby lives there so I can afford to take in the festivities.

The man of the day of course is the owner of TLC, Kirk Thorgeirson. He is well known for his acts of kindness and generosity. Nobody expected this last act of kindness though. He won the jackpot in the Old Massett Ladies team money-tree draw and promptly gave it right back. The whopping $1,000 will make a big difference to the women who will represent Ga’au.

Best of luck to Toni-lynn, Sarah, Naomi, Jamie, Jade, Alicia, Mary Jane, Gulkihlgad, Camron, Tineasha, Hannah, and Nikki. One mom already asked me to keep her updated on the team. I said I would go “live” as much as I could. So exciting with all the teams and fans heading over to Canada for the games, I can’t wait. I have my T-shirt that says, “Sorry, I’m all shacked up” ready to go. As for the blue one with white lettering, I will have to see how the climate is.

As mentioned, those boys celebrating a birthday are my Rich on the 12th and my Joshua on the 7th. While we’re at it my birthday is on the 1st. It’s a good month with Kyra, the mother of my grandbabies celebrating on the 26th.

Seek out the people trying to scrape travel expenses for their teams, anything from cash to a living room suite will make it worth your while. To get a ticket for the living room suite you can call/text Jean Williams (250-626-9297) and that draw is happening on Jan. 31.

This weekend is the much anticipated second session of the All Women’s Dialogue in Port Clements. The deadline has passed for registration and over 100 women are attending. One of the facilitators, Raven Ann, has some eye-opening energizers planned. Learning about our history together will open the discussion on how to change things and move forward in a good way.

My buddy told me if you want an occasion celebrated, you have to make it special yourself. January 25 will be mark my 30th year of sobriety. Quite a milestone that I managed one day at a time.

The best quote I have heard in a long time is, “When we declare war on drugs, we declare a war on ourselves.” With the crisis regarding addiction and opioids, the line we tread or draw has to be an inclusive one. The people who judged me did not make my resolve to quit any stronger. Those who supported and let me know that it was my behaviour and not my spirit that was in question made the difference.

The moniker “just say no” was as unrealistic then as it is now. Unconditional love is the answer. If you need help I would suggest calling the Health Centre in Old Massett to get linked up at 250-626-3911.

You can also read up on some approaches that work on the First Nations Health Authority site. I once updated my status and had four inboxes when I was struggling. You deserve health! God bless and take care!