A view from Akumal. (Evelyn von Almassy/Haida Gwaii Observer)

A view from Akumal. (Evelyn von Almassy/Haida Gwaii Observer)

Masset Magic: Dreaming Valentino’s in Akumal

By Evelyn von Almassy

I am writing this from Akumal, a place you may or may not have heard of, or perhaps have, or have not been there, or, more accurately, been here.

The first thing I notice is that I am the palest person on the plane, which is traveling from Vancouver to Cancun, Mexico. Yes, before I even arrive in Mexico, I notice that I am very, very pale. I was hoping I would be a little tan, just a little, when I landed in this vast country that some want to build a wall against. But as some of you may know, the tanning booth in Masset (the ONLY tanning booth in Masset), was sold. I knew where it went to, but it was unavailable to me. That is why I arrived, pale, in Akumal, in the state of Quintana Roo, in the Yucatan, Mexico.

Many people who live on Haida Gwaii do go away in the winter, to Hawaii, or Mexico, or to the Philippines, or some other place hot in order to live through the dark, the rain, the cold, the wind, the delayed ferries, the lack of fresh milk, and yes, the delayed ferries. This is the first time I have gone to Mexico in the winter, in order to get warm. It was however, more a matter of visiting my friend of 40 years, Paul Sanchez-Navarro, rather than going for the heat.

Which was a good thing, as it was about 19 C when I landed. For Mexico, that is downright cold. I wasn’t cold tonight, sitting drinking margaritas, on Half-Moon Bay of Akumal, on the Caribbean, but my friend Paul was ¨freezing”!

But enough about what I am doing while not in Masset. I’m thinking ahead to the next big thing that IS happening in Masset, on Feb. 10 at Howard Phillips Community Hall. It’s called “Valentino’s.” I would advise you to purchase your tickets this weekend — they’re on sale at Ladybird Boutique, North Beach Surf Shop (and hopefully Queen B’s) — as I know this event is one of the best of the year. Last year was the first time I was able to attend and I was completely enthralled.

This is a true community event, and brings out various talented people to entertain us, in the form of song, comedy, poetry and anything else you can imagine. It is a fundraiser for the Tidal Elements Whole School Society, which supports education in all its forms. It is fun, the desserts are to die for, and it is for a good cause. What’s not to like? Tickets are for sale around town (which means I am not sure exactly who is selling them), but ask the good people at the Ground Coffee Shop, as I know that they will know.

Here is a shout-out to Janet Rigg who writes the Tlellagraph in this very same newspaper. I enjoyed her great column about tips to help combat SAD. Many of us are plagued by this creature, and I thank her for remind her of the positive ways to deal with it. The more we talk about it, as we do depression, the better off we will be. It is encouraging to shine some light onto these topics, which helps us all.

Till next time.

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