Masset Magic: Hello you beautiful dream

Masset Magic: Hello you beautiful dream

I love the feeling of being lifted up by another person; that’s so addictive! One person I always feel that pureness from is Sara Drager. I see her often around the community and decided to go and check out the commotion she is creating around the old Villager restaurant.

Right away she greets me with her trademark “hello beautiful!” grinning so big I can’t help but smile as well. I asked her permission to write about her in my column and she agreed right away.

Turns out this hard-working lady has bought the old restaurant and she has a dream! Surrounded with materials for roofing, left over furniture and bags of laundry she is beaming with enthusiasm. Like an artist gazing at a clay form she sees the beauty and potential of the space to become a work of art. I start to see through her eyes as she excitedly explains all the services she will be offering.

Let me tell you she does not shy away from challenging work. Her and her husband Lawrence tore the roof off in the scorching heat when she couldn’t find someone to do it.

She has since hired Carmen Hodgson and his crew to take care of the rest of the construction. He is from Haida Gwaii originally and the last time he was here was when he worked at the new hospital. Happy to be back and working, his energy is contagious and things seem to be moving along quite smoothly.

Sara hopes to have the renovations done and offer rooms for rent, pizza and a running laundromat.

For now, she will wash, dry and fold your clothing. You can also get a nice hot shower there and at times I have noticed her posting fried bread for sale. I think she also makes loaves of bread.

Did I point out she did it all on her own? If you have ideas of how to assist her in getting closer to a goal of a thriving business let her know. I know there are funding opportunities out there that she could access. It sure is an essential service with the growing tourism here. Maybe even make her a bigger flashier sign!

Stop by 1690 Orr Street from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. She will even make you coffee while you wait. Her number is 250-626-7159. Best of luck to entrepreneur Sara!

Driving along Hodges on my way to see Sara I almost got wiped out. Coming out of Hemlock the driver went through the stop sign and drove in my lane. Glad I noticed him and could steer towards the ditch. Hodges is so skinny so we might want to be vigilant in looking ahead on this stretch.

Bright colors will hopefully keep us safe on Pride Parade day. Join in the fun and decorate yourself, your pet, bike, car, motorbike and have a whirl around town. You have until the 19th of August to come up with the winning prize for best dressed car or person. Meet at the firehall parking lot at 1 p.m.

That same evening you can burn off some energy with the summer bash dance at the Howard Phillips Hall. Get your tickets from any firemen or the source, village office, airport. Support our firefighters and enjoy an evening out.

Update on a wedding planner, I don’t have one. Everyone thinks I’m kidding. Got offered a walker to make it down the isle but my big brother offered, quickly I might add, to give me away. Said he’s been trying for years.

Take care, God bless.


Masset Magic: Hello you beautiful dream

Masset Magic: Hello you beautiful dream