Masset Magic: Reviewing Canada’s history, and personal keepsakes

“It is certainly food for thought as to what makes a country.”

By Evelyn von Almassy

Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe Canada Day. I found it a bit strange to think that this land has only been a country for 150 years.

For many First Nations people that I have been in contact with, and from what I have been hearing in other media, it is not a celebratory date for them.

As I write this, some water protectors were intending to do a fast on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It seemed they were very quickly arrested. For some Native peoples who never gave up their lands, and who dealt with the governments since then, with some broken treaties, it is certainly food for thought as to what makes a country.

Since we are a multicultural society, it is good to step into the perspective of the “other” person and see history another way. Our country will look much different in the next generation, and I think we will be continuing this conversation from the perspective of new and older Canadians.

I am doing something lately that I have not done for many years, and apparently many of you are doing it as well.

What am I talking about? It is something that many people have extreme challenges doing, yet others do it with not a look-back at all. Yes, I am talking about “downsizing.” Whether we live in an apartment, a house, or a tent, we can all, I think, agree that we have too much “stuff.” Speaking for myself, I know I have too much “stuff,” and am consciously trying to downsize. I have offered books and clothing to people, who have kindly said, “No, I am trying to get rid of my own stuff.”

I find that it is not just a simple thing to sit down and go through photographs, letters, and books and put them into piles of keep, give to friends, or give to the thrift shop. No, I wish it were that easy. I used to glue postcards and other cards into the inside covers of books. I of course do not wish to share those personal letters written to me with anyone who picks up a book at the local thrift shop. So, yes, you guessed it, I tear the letter out of the book, and then I have to sit down and read the letter.

It has been shocking to me, how many of the people who are mentioned in a letter to me, I have completely forgotten! Sometimes, I don’t have a clue as to who wrote me the letter, without a lot of re-reading, and trying to put into context, the information given to me. Does that mean I am shallow? I hope not, but who knows. All I know is that it is often as if opening a Pandora’s box: you do not know where that letter, card, or note on a piece of paper, will take you into your history. It may take many days to downsize one box.

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