Masset Magic: Time to mark-up your suspenders

By Jana McLeod

I have been working full time for the first time in three years. How people do it I will never know. My husband (first time I’ve used that phrase in a long time) does a round trip from Masset to Skidegate every day. He says he passes the same cars each day. Kudos to you if you’re one of the commuters.

When I really ponder it, I take my mobility and health for granted. We can all practice a little gratitude by giving back. If you can offer me some input on how to do that locally, please let me know. Call me at 250-626-7225 or email I would love to hear from anyone.

Got ideas on how to keep our community active? You can pitch them to Mariel. After-school programs will be running through the year. I’m sure Haida Gwaii Rec wants to have the community’s input so it’s in line with what you need. You can email her at, and also find out what is running currently.

Also happening is the high school evening sports. You may want to call the school and find out what is scheduled. For the first year ever I don’t have any students in school! I know usually it’s volleyball on Mondays, badminton on Thursdays. That may have changed. Gudangaay Tlaats’gaa Naay Secondary’s phone number is 250-626-3226.

For the next three months, I get to assist Jason with university students taking a semester here. It’s been super interesting, mostly for them as I learn how to drive a bus. No whiplash yet as I find gears I never knew existed. Thanks to my dad for teaching me the basics of driving a standard. He would pour his scotch and say he didn’t want to spill.

I only got the international sign for “what the hell are you doing” once. It was a good thing I wasn’t too grumpy or panicked about it because he was behind me on an incline, caught it just in time before I was in his grille. Count on me to incite road rage on Haida Gwaii. If you see me in that big yellow beast please be wary and patient! In fact, if you see anyone struggling give a wave and try to keep your cool. It is not bad to do the speed limit and I won’t speed up if someone chooses to tailgate. Just saying.

Now that we are married, Ken says he can dress how he wants. His dreams of sporting suspenders and plaid will come true for a friend’s theme party. If you have plaid or suspenders, this is the time to post it in buy and sell. Jack up the price, too!

Finally, the Arts Council’s first show for the fall will be Sunday, October 1. I am giving you lots of notice so mark it on your calendar and commit to supporting them so we see more events throughout the year. The Trout House has awoken and is there for us all to enjoy again. They will host Hanna Epperson’s performance. It begins at 7 p.m.

This week I hope we can all be reminded to be gentle and accept people where they’re at.

God bless and take care, I really mean that.

Masset Magic