Odds ‘N Sods: Please donate to B.C.’s fire-relief efforts

By Elaine Nyeholt

Rain is such a blessing considering the nasty forest fires that the interior are recovering from. Clean air is nothing to sneeze at! Breathing fresh air isn’t appreciated until you have been breathing smoky air for weeks on end. Having grown up in the Okanagan we have a real understanding of the forest fire situation, every year there was smoke in the Valley for at least a short while. Asthmatic people (like me) had a rough time of it.

If you have not yet made your donation to the Red Cross to beef up their relief funds, now is the time. They must be nearly empty with all the evacuations required this year.

A family outing to Pure Lake was enhanced by the discovery of ‘Sun Dews’ along the lake shore. The fascinating little bog plants are fly-catchers native to Haida Gwaii. Never have I seen such a massing of them, when you look closely they are everywhere! Bogs are amazing places to look closely anyway. Take the time and you will be rewarded with a genuinely peaceful afternoon of ‘life study’.

Infinity’s New Sort is beginning to happen. A dredging session needs to take place in the next while. It’s always exciting to see some industry plans move forward, securing our community job situation. There should be less logging trucks moving down our main street when the new sort is completed. That will be a good thing.

The long weekend is adjusting our Council Meeting once again to Tuesday, Aug 8th,at 7 pm.

This month’s Book Club meeting will be in the Seniors’ room on Monday at 7 pm, even though it’s a Holiday weekend. The book of choice is, “The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry”, by Gabriel Zevin. This group is open to all readers.

Posters for Edge of the World Music Festival seem to indicate that tickets need to be bought in advance this year. While I am sure this is a far better plan for the conveners I question how that will work out. Perhaps my perception is incorrect. A lot of people attend this event whimsically.

Our Doctor is here on Tues. 8th & 15th, Wed. 16th &23rd, and Thurs. 24th &31st. We still have some Masset doctor days when she is on call there.

“Agate Man Triathlon” will be on August 19th in Masset, for you energetic people. There are two categories to compete in: Solo, and Relay. The third category is non-competitive, and invites anyone to come out and do whatever portion you want. I love the idea of participating at your own level.

Port Clements Rod and Gun are hosting an open Trapshoot, Sunday August 20th at 2pm. They have guns you may use if you want to shoot.

There is a poster up outside the Library on the bulletin board for Short Poems about Canada to be submitted to be published in a “Poetry Anthology”. The deadline is Sept 30th to submit your entry to the local library. This could be very interesting for us literary buffs.

Now, on to the task of creating Fairies for the family Fairy Garden entry in the Fall Fair. Large beads, small beads, wire, artificial flowers taken apart, glue, grand-daughters, time…. Check! See you at the Fair.