Odds n’ Sods: Summer activity line up

So much to do in the next month with a seniors picnic, gardening clubs and Logger’s Sports Day

One of the unfortunate sides to paying your taxes online, is that you may claim your homeowners grant and then not remember to take the signed homeowners grant declaration portion in to the village office, or even put it in the mail slot, prior to the deadline which is July 1. This free money cannot be provided to you if the form is not submitted properly. It’s up to you to do that and no one else’s fault if you fail to do it on time or even well ahead of time. Rant done.

Friday, June 7, today, there is seniors luncheon picnic at the multi-plex, open to the school and other workers in the building. If you can, bring a finger food item or dessert, those little cream-puffy things from Bayview Market are ‘really happy’ food. The Seniors Association meeting will be held at about 1 p.m. after the school goes back in. We have no regular meetings now until September so the minutes of April meeting will not be very useful.

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Also today is a very big event for little ones. The September kindergarten children get to sit in with Ms. Whittle’s class and check it out! There will be a great excitement from them. There are five Strong Start children stepping up this fall. That’s the most we have had for quite a few years. The end of term celebration for Strong Start attendees will culminate in a “Wee Paddle” from 9-11 a.m. ‘ish with lunch to follow. Parents will of course paddle with their children. A shout out to Budgies for providing this opportunity, thanks. The last day for Strong Start will be on Thursday, June 20. I remember graduation from Strong Start for my grand children, it was very special.

The Dinner for Mom finale will be on June 12. Kudos to Conch for thinking up this event and providing for it, that is very thoughtful.

At PCES students will participate in Indigenous Day on the Friday, June 21. Then the Beach Day will be on Wednesday, 26 and the last day of school for the summer is Thursday, June 27.

I enjoyed seeing a young and energetic “Garden Club” hauling seaweed up to the school gardens last week. Two Moms were leading and assisting. This group meets Monday and Tuesdays from 3-4:30 p.m. at the Port Clements Elementary School garden. There are plenty of other gardens in town too, if you wish to get involved.

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The Book Club is scheduled to meet in the Library on Monday, June 24. The book they will discuss is “Hiddensee” by Gregory Maguire. Such an interesting title!

Calling all the Afghans in for the deadline…. Which I am guessing is the Knitting Club evening of the 26 of June. Two hours a day from when you read this to June 26 should ‘getter done’. I am not finished mine yet either…. Go Elaine, you can do this!

Canada Day plans are set and some posters are around town. I noted that Logger’s Sports will be on the Saturday, June 29, with some Peewee events again. If you have any logging skills, teach them to your children for this contest. Vendors for Canada Day need to phone the Village Office at 557-4295. Arm Wrestling and the Greased Pole Climb are always fun to watch, and there are some titles to defend. A Paddle Race is planned for the Saturday as well if you are able. Paddle Boarders might be interested? See you there, somewhere in the crowd.

By Elaine Nyeholt


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