Tlellagraph: Coming to the Edge of the World

By this time you’ve missed out on saving a few dollars by buying your Edge of the World Music Festival ticket online. It’s a horrible thing to miss out, isn’t it? You should have been reading my column all along, then you would have known, known that tickets were available online at a small discount.

It was only a few dollars, sure, but now your only option is to pay $75 at the gate, requiring a slight increase in that withdrawal from the ATM – previous to arriving in Tlell, of course, as there is no such technology here. Cash rules at the Fall Fairgrounds.

So you may have missed out, but you haven’t missed out completely. Unless you’re reading this on the following Wednesday, mysteriously “too busy” to catch up on the local news. Then you’ve totally missed out. But since I assume you were waiting at your local co-op, impatiently pacing the grocery aisles for this week’s Observer to hit the shelf, I’m going to assume you still have a chance.

Edge of the World Music Festival 2017 starts at 3:30pm on Friday August 11th (yes, today) with Kuun7laanaas Jaanaas from Old Massett performing the opening ceremony. Thus kicks off a weekend full of diverse talent all geared towards your enjoyment. The Zolas, Iskwé, DiRTY RADiO, David Beckingham, Joey Stylze, DJ Shub, Carsen Grey, and The Racket are going to expose you to new sounds and funky rhythms, many with an indigenous twist.

Visit the food and craft vendors, while allowing the kids to explore their creative side in the Kids Zone, relax in the tree nets, or cool off in the water park (adults welcome too). Or chill by the river while still listening to the incredible music.

Maiya Robbie, Kirby, Manik 1derful, JSB | The Natural, Jason Camp and the Posers, Kitty &The Rooster, Old Soul Rebel, Dub Jackson Band, Long Time Coming, and Oliver Swain all are sure to impress, especially the Hltaaxuulang Guud Ad K’aajuu dancers from Skidegate early Saturday evening.

If there’s a band not to your liking, visit the workshop stage behind the Hospitality where you will get the opportunity to learn about music from our talented guests, as well as writing, yoga, Xaayda Kil (Haida Language, both Old Massett and Skidegate), painting, weaving, and more.

The Ramoops, GiG, Gaamdamaay Vernon Williams, Honey Brown, Brass Knuckle Society, Coastal Drifters, We Ride Bicycles, CMPR , Badfish, and Kiefer Collison doing stand up round out the line up. Closing ceremony features Weed Xaadee (The People of Today) also of Old Massett. Don’t miss a moment.

Unless it’s Wednesday, then you’ve already missed out. I’m sorry to break the news.

Scientific research has suggested that music has the capacity to increase well-being, intelligence, and cure some minor cardiac ailments. Research locally funded by the Society for Haida Gwaiian Musical Intelligence used state of the art measuring devices and discovered that The Edge of the World Music Festival scores the highest in all categories of musical benefit.