Haida Gwaii Community Forest

Qala:yit Community Forest first to share revenues with BCTS

A new community forest on Vancouver Island will be the first in…


Technical team to review timber sales at Nadu and Lawn Hill

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‘Hard’ cedar limit is coming, minister says

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Islanders aim for better deal on Haida Gwaii community forest

MIEDS asks for more time to negotiate and get updated forest inventory data

Port Clements is running out of time: mayor

Village calls for temporary truce to stop more logging layoffs

Islanders asked for feedback on community forest

What do islanders think of the current proposal for a Haida Gwaii…

Province answers islanders’ call for a Haida Gwaii Community Forest

Proposal appears to include harvest of up to 80,000 m3, with 55,000 m3 shared with BCTS

BCTS receives vote of non-confidence

Council of the Haida Nation issues no-logging orders to two Port Clements companies

Protest in the air over Nadu/Lawn Hill logging plans

Port Clements made to feel like a “political football”, says councillor