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Rennell Sound: Fertile waters, abundant wildlife

Recreation site can be accessed by vehicle
Camping in the Rennell Sound Recreation Site. (Recreation Sites and Trails BC/Black Press Media files)

Rennell Sound is part of Haida Gwaii’s Duu Guusd Heritage Site/Conservancy area, located about 30 kilometres west of the communities of Old Massett and Massett.

The Rennell Sound area is the only area on on the west coast of Graham Island that is accessible by vehicle.

It is some of the richest waters on Haida Gwaii, with substantial herring spawns, massive kelp forests, fertile eel grass beds, and multiple fresh water streams that host salmon, trout, char and other fish.

Rennell Sound, the largest sound on Haida Gwaii’s west coast, has a 16-kilometre entrance and a 20-kilometre channel.

The Rennell Sound Recreation Site is a popular destination and is famed for its fishing.

The Duu Guusd Conservancy area has dozens of peregrine falcon nests, and nesting and habitat for norther saw-shet owls, northern goshawks, marbeled and ancient murrelets and auklets.

Although the conservancy area was closed during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, some B.C. Provincial Parks were slated for reopening in late May, 2020. Check this website for current information about access.


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