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Gift of independence: Creston business donates vehicle to family in need

Kootenay Euro Shop has gifted a car to a mother of four
Rebecca Gidney, executive director of Kootenai Community Centre Society, poses with Lisa and Karl Folvik, owners of Kootenay Euro Shop. (Photo by Kelsey Yates)

Sometimes, just one act of kindness can change lives and a local business in Creston has stepped up to be that change by gifting a car to a family in need.

“We come across decent cars every once in a while, so we bring them back to a better state of condition where they are sound and safe,” said Karl Folvik, owner of Kootenay Euro Shop.

“It could be dependable for someone that needs it - a single mom, single dad, or a family. Transportation can be a barrier to employment or just a better quality of life.”

Folvik had recently serviced a courtesy car that was no longer needed at the shop, but still reliable for getting around town.

He reached out to Leon Rogers, a local pastor and member of the Creston Firefighters Society, to find out who would benefit from being gifted the vehicle.

Rogers served as the liaison with Kootenai Community Centre Society, a safe home for women fleeing abuse, and learned that a mother of four had been without her own transportation for quite awhile.

“The vast majority of our population of clients is low income and vulnerable,” said Rebecca Gidney, executive director of Kootenai Community Centre Society.

“Lots of them don’t have vehicles or have left a relationship where they’ve lost everything. Housing is a major struggle, but I would say transportation is the next biggest barrier because people can’t get to work if they don’t have a vehicle.”

While Creston is a small town, there is no access to public transportation. It can be difficult to walk everywhere throughout the seasons, even more so with four children.

“It will make a really big difference in her life for certain,” said Gidney. “She’s so grateful and excited to have some more independence.”

The owners of Kootenay Euro Shop would like to continue this initiative by donating a vehicle to the community doing on a semi-annual basis.

“It feels good just knowing someone’s gonna be better off because of it,” said Folvik.

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