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THEN AND NOW: How this B.C. town has changed over the past 30 years

New roads, new buildings, new businesses, same old baseball diamond
Construction on Jacklin Road back in 1999. (Goldstream Gazette archives)

Langford has changed a lot in the past 30 years.

In some areas it’s scarcely recognizable, while others still maintain their old-Langford charm (looking at you Luxton Fields.)

Below are photos taken from the archives of the Goldstream Gazette and recreated today to see how time has changed Langford.

Old Belmont Secondary

Back in 1993, Belmont Secondary school was just off Jacklin Road, hosting track meets like the one pictured here. Now, after its demolition in November 2015, the space has more cars running through it than students. Where the school once stood there is now Belmont Market, a sprawling shopping centre with restaurants and other businesses.

Station Avenue

Back in 1995, Joe Richards was campaigning for expanded rail service on the E&N Railway. Thirteen years later, the last train ran along the tracks in 2006, and 16 years after that, the City of Langford has opened its cultural district along Station Avenue, aiming to revitalize the area which fell into disuse after the railway shuttered. There are still those hoping for the return of rail service, although last August former Premier John Horgan doubted whether it would be possible.

Goldstream Avenue/Bryn Maur Road

After multiple accidents in the area, Peter Fournier started gathering signatures in the hopes of installing a traffic light at the intersection along Goldstream Avenue and Bryn Maur Road. Thirty years later he sort of got his wish, with the fountain roundabout now slowing down traffic, albeit confusing some drivers.

Tallwood 1

Ground broke on the first tall wood building on Vancouver Island on Oct. 23, 2019 and less than three years later, the building was completed. The building has rental space and was built alongside the Terminus building, a mixed-used commercial building that brought Rhino Coffee to town and also houses a business centre.

E&N railway

On July 6, 1994 firefighters worked to contain a brush fire that had sparked near the E&N Railway just off Leigh Road. Nowadays construction crews are getting to work in the same area moving the BC Hydro Pole across Langford Parkway, which didn’t exist in 1994. Also new since then is Starlight Stadium just off-screen and the Westhills development which can be seen in the background of the second photo.


Contractor cost issues meant Costco’s opening was delayed back in 1998 until the following year. More than 24 years later, Costco is now bustling throughout the day, attracting shoppers from throughout the region. Luring Costco to Langford was seen as a major coup for former Langford mayor Stew Young and was one of the first big developments to kick off Langford’s expansion. Also opening around this time was the Canadian Tire and Real Canadian Superstore off of what was then Old Island Highway, and has since been dubbed Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Luxton Fields

Luxton Fields is one of a handful of views in Langford that has remained relatively unchanged. While there are changes coming, the Luxton Road connector to Sooke Road was recently closed, the young players still take to the mound at Luxton Fields today.

Jacklin Avenue

Construction work began on July 7, 1999, creating headaches for local businesses. A couple of decades later and a number of new businesses have appeared, including the aforementioned Belwood Market, with the cars also a lot more colourful than back in the black-and-white days.

847 Goldstream Avenue

Before it was home to traffic jamming drive-thru lines at Tim Hortons and the Goldstream Gazette, construction was taking place in the parking lot at 847 Goldstream Ave.

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